Excerpt of Technical Intern Training Guidebook for Technical Intern Trainees retrieved from Japan International Training Cooperation Organization
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In order to enjoy a healthy, pleasant life without problems in Japan, it is necessary to follow Japanese laws and regulations as well as the rules and manners of Japanese society. This section explains the points to note during your stay in Japan. Please keep in mind them prior to coming to Japan.

“Technical Intern Training” Activities that technical intern trainees can conduct are stipulated in the Immigration Control Law. A side job or a part-time job is prohibited because such jobs are regarded as activities other than those permitted under status of residence “Technical Intern Trainee”. Please never conduct activities other than those permitted under your status of residence, otherwise you may be deported to your country.

There are cases where outsiders approach you by saying that you can earn more money if you work at a different company. You must not believe such offers and leave an accepting company to work at another company in Japan.

After entry into Japan, technical intern trainees must carry their passport until an alien registration card is issued. Once alien registration card has been issued, they must carry alien registration card at all times instead of passport. Since passports are necessary for procedures for both extension of period of stay and change of status of residence. For the rest, please keep your passport in a safe place in order to prevent it from stolen.

Every year, some technical intern trainees get involved in traffic accidents. “Cars on the left and people on the right” is the basic rule in Japan. Please never forget this rule. Japanese drive cars in accordance with traffic lights. Therefore, please never try to cross a road when traffic light for pedestrians is red. You are risking your life by crossing a road in this way, because vehicles do not stop when traffic light for vehicles is green. When you ride a bicycle, please cycle carefully on the left side of a road and obey traffic light, in order to avoid an accident.

Technical intern trainees should take care of cash, passbook, seal, and banking card. It is prohibited that accepting companies or organizations take custody of these items on behalf of technical intern trainees.

There are cases where technical intern trainees suffer injury, get ill, or become mental disease due to a feeling of strangeness caused by living overseas for the first time during technical intern training. It is important for technical intern trainees to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. If you have problems, it is much better for you to consult with your colleagues or adviser assisting technical intern trainees with living in Japan, rather than worrying about it alone, as well as to keep in touch with your family in your home country. JITCO provides mental health counseling services.

It is a responsibility of accepting organizations to manage safety and health during technical intern training. However, it is advised that technical intern trainees should follow instructions of accepting organizations and strive for safety, in order to avoid accidents. In particular, technical intern trainees should keep in mind the following points. (1) To follow instructions of your technical intern training coordinator and your boss at a workplace. (2) To follow work procedures and not to take action arbitrarily. -12- 13 (3) To carry out safety checks when working on high places, or handling materials with risk of falling or high heat materials. (4) To wear a safety hat, safety shoes, gloves, glasses, a mask, a safety belt, if required. (5) To keep your workplace clean and tidy.

In Japan, municipalities collect household garbage sorted into different types, in order to prevent environmental pollution and reduce carbon dioxide. The dates for collection of different types of garbage vary depending on each municipality. Therefore, technical intern trainees should sort and take out a specified type of garbage on a specified day in accordance with instructions of adviser assisting technical intern trainees with living in Japan.

In Japan, a residential tax is levied on the previous calendar year’s income. Therefore, you do not need to pay residential tax in the year of your entry into Japan, but in the year when he/she leaves Japan, he/she is required to complete the full payment of the residential tax levied on the previous year’s income. In this case, please note that the accepting company may deduct the full amount of the unpaid residential tax from the final salary, for the purpose of tax payment.

Retrieved from Japan International Training Cooperation Organization