SRA ­ – Special Recruitment Activity

JO – ­ Job order

PRA ­ – Private Recruitment Agency

POEA ­ – Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

DOLE – ­ Department of Labor and Employment

OWWA – ­ Overseas Workers Welfare Administration

POLO ­ – Philippine Overseas Labor Office

LabAtt ­ – Labor Attache

LOA ­ – Letter of Acknowledgement

TITP ­ – Technical Intern Trainee Program

JITCO­ – Japan International Training Cooperation Organization

MoA ­ – Ministry of Affairs Japan

VSEA – ­Verite Southeast Asia

CMA – ­Center for Migrant Advocacy

TFHI­ – The Fair Hiring Initiative

PRA – ­Private Recruitment Agency

NGO­ – non­governmental organizations

WCP­ – Workers’ Communication Platform

RFA­ – Request For Assistance

RA­ – Republic Act

SPA – ­Special Power of Attorney

FMC­ – Filipino Migrant Center

OWWA – ­Overseas Workers Welfare Administration

POEA­ – Philippine Overseas Employment Administration

NCMB­ – National Conciliation and Mediation Board

NLRC­ – National Labor Relations Commission

DOLE­ – Department of Labor and Employment

OFW­ – Overseas Filipino Worker

VAWC­ – Anti­Violence Against Women and their Children

CEDAW­ – Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women

POLO – ­Philippine Overseas Labor Office

COE­ – Certificate of Eligibility

Glossary of terms

Trainee­ – refers to a person being trained for a specific job.

Illegal­ – refers to something that is not constitutional acceptable and is punishable by law.

Recruitment – ­the action of finding people to be part of an organization or company

Destination country­ – foreign country that a migrant will travel to

Broker­ – refers to a recruitment agent

Prospective migrants­ – individuals or a group of people looking for employment opportunities based overseas

Returnee migrants­ – individuals or a group of people who were employed overseas for a period of time and returned to their country of nationality.

Undocumented migrant workers­ – migrant workers who did not go through the legal

Worker – ­support groups/NGOs­ organizations advocating for migrant workers’ rights

Employer­ – refers to the person or company that employed and provides the salary of a worker.

Work place­ – refers to the area or space wherein employed workers are expected to accomplish tasks

Authority or authorized document­ – refers to a document notarized or signed by an authorized entity

Special Recruitment Activity ­ – refers to the authority granted to an agency to conduct recruitment outside its registered business address approved by the Administration. SRA shall be valid only on the date within the venue specified therein unless otherwise extended, modified or revoked by the Administration.

Letter of Acknowledgement – ­ refers to a letter acknowledging the authorized representative(s) of an accredited or registered foreign principal/employer who may, from time to time, come to the Philippines to participate in the recruitment activities within the registered business address or acknowledged additional office(s) of an agency, during the validity of accreditation or registration of said accredited/registered foreign principal/employer, or which shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance.

Employment contract­ – a document that contains the details of an agreement on the employment of a worker

Placement/Recruitment Fee­ – refers to the fee that a worker pays to a recruiter for employment overseas

Contract Substitution – ­refers to the act of replacing the agreed and signed contract in the origin country with a different contract.

Philippine passport­ – official document by issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs

Deployment period – refers to the date a worker was sent to a different country.

Country of Origin­ – refers to the country where a person is born and a registered citizen

Ban­ – declaration of an act that is officially illegal