The safest way to get an overseas job is through any of the following:

  • Philippine Recruitment Agencies licensed by POEA
  • Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)­Government Placement Branch (GPB)

You can check/verify with the POEA Assistance and Information Center located at Blas F. Ople (BFO) Bldg., Ortigas Avenue cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City or call the POEA hotlines at 722­1144 / 722­1155.
You may visit the website www.poea.gov.ph

The following is the usual procedure observed in applying for overseas employment:

  1. Attend Pre Departure Orientation Seminar (PEOS) conducted by POEA in the main office or at the POEA regional offices.
  2. Submission of application and requirements:
    1. Submit application form and all the requirements being asked from you.
      1. The basic required documents are:
      2. Personal data sheets
      3. Transcript of Records
      4. High school and college diplomas
      5. Certificate(s) of employment
      6. Board certificate(s)
      7. Training and trade certificates (if applicable)
      8. Philippine passport
      9. 2×2 pictures
  3. Undergo preliminary interview and evaluation
    1. You may have to attend a pre-­application orientation being conducted by the concerned recruiter/local agent so you can be informed of the details of the employment offer
    2. If you meet the minimum qualifications of the job, you will be asked to  by the concerned recruiter/local agent so you can be informed of the
      details of the employment offer undergo testing and/or interviews among other screening procedures.
  4. Undergo Medical and Trade Testing
    1. If selected, you will be instructed to proceed to an accredited medical clinic for basic medical examination, to ensure that you are fit to work; and if necessary, take a trade test at any TESDA accredited testing center.
  5. Discussion of the Terms and Conditions of Employment and Signing of Contract ­
    1. When you pass the medical exam and the trade testing, you will be asked to sign an employment contract.
      REMEMBER, before signing the contract read and study first all the provisions. Do not sign the contract, nor pay any fee unless you have fully understood and agree to the indicated terms and conditions. Always demand for a receipt once a payment is made.
  6. Processing of your documents with POEA and concerned embassies/entities
    1. Your agency will now proceed to process your documents with the following entities:
      1. Concerned Foreign Embassy­Visa issuance/stamping
      2. Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) for registration and documentation of employment contracts as well as issuance of e­Receipt or Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC).
      3. Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA)­ if certain documents need translation or authentication (e.g. employment contract written wholly in the foreign language).
      4. Concerned AIRLINE­for issuance of booking certificates or Pre­paid Ticket Advice (PTA).
  7. Attendance to Pre Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS)
    1. You should undergo a compulsory PDOS before leaving the country.
  8. Validation and departure at the Airport
    1. ­You should proceed to the POEA­Labor Assistance Center and have your OEC validated by a POEA officer before attending to other airport requirements.

A POEA­GPB applicant can either register at the POEA Manpower Registry Division (MRD) or apply directly with the POEA­GPB as soon as a job opening which is commensurate to his skills/profession/education is available.

An applicant can also register through the POEA website (www.poea.gov.ph) under its e-registration facility but has to submit the required documents once preselected.

Who may register?

  • 18 yrs. old and above
  • At least High School graduate
  • Minimum two (2) years work experience
  • No medical or legal impediments to disqualify the applicant from overseas employment
  • Other specific qualification requirements may vary for each foreign employer and host country.

The job vacancies are announced through the POEA website, the media (print, radio, TV) and posted notices on bulletin boards.

You have to submit the following original documents in one folder at the Manpower Registry Division, BFO Bldg., Ortigas avenue corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City or any POEA Regional office.

  • Self­made Bio­data or Resume with detailed job description
  • Two (2) pieces passport size or 2”x2” pictures
  • Six (6) pieces passport size or 2”x2” pictures for Ministry of Health­KSA Applicants
  • Certificates of Employment of at least two (2) years experience in one position
  • School credentials:
    • ­High School Diploma
    • College Diploma
    • Post Graduate Diploma (if applicable)
    • Transcript of Records
    • Birth Certificate­authenticated by the National Statistics Office (NSO)
    • Office of Muslim Affairs (OMA) Certificate, for Muslim applicants (Certification from DFA or Camp Crame)
    • Passport (for applicants with overseas job experience)


  • License/Board
    • ­Valid Professional Regulation Commision (PRC) Identification Card
    • Board License
    • Board Rating
  • Training Certificate(s)
  • Marriage Contract for Female applicants

In countries, where placement fee is allowed, the maximum legal fee charged by licensed recruitment agencies from hired workers must not be more than the equivalent of  one month salary. The amount does not include documentation and processing costs.

In countries where collection of placement fee is not allowed, POEA prohibits the collection of such fee. Seafarers, Household Service Workers and workers recruited through the POEA­GPB do not pay placement fees.

NOTE: DIRECT HIRING/NAME HIRING is actually prohibited under the Philippine Labor Code. However, it is allowed for members of diplomatic corps, international organizations, government officials of ministerial level, and employers residing in countries where foreign placement agencies do not operate.

  • POEA processing Fee ­ US$ 100 or its peso equivalent
  • OWWA Membership Fee ­ US$ 25 or its peso equivalent
  • Philhealth premium ­ 900/year
  • PAG­IBIG Contribution ­ 100/month

Direct Hire may also opt to pay SSS contributions under the voluntary membership scheme

  • Escort Services
    Undocumented workers are escorted at the airport or any international port, often through a syndicate, to evade the legal process of documenting workers.
  • Tourist­Workers Scheme
    Workers leave the country purportedly as tourists but have been promised jobs abroad, whether existing or non­existing.
  • Direct Hiring
    Workers are hired and employed by foreign employers without passing through the POEA and/or licensed recruitment agencies. Being undocumented, they are therefore without protection.
  • Reprocessing “Repro” Through Tie­Up
    Unlicensed recruiters tie­up with licensed agencies to recruit workers. Workers’ documents are processed using the job order of a licensed agency for a non­existent work, or work with a different employer, whether registered or not with the POEA.
  • Sports Competition, Religious or Missionary scheme
    Hired workers are disguised as a part of a group with legitimate purposes like sports competitions or religious missions abroad.
  • Mail Order Bride Scheme
    A Filipina is paired with a foreigner allegedly for marriage, but in reality she is being hired to work for the prospective groom.
  • Backdoor Exit Scheme
    Workers are sent abroad not through regular exit channels like airports but deployed usually through the southern port of exits.
  • Visa Assistance Immigration/ Consultancy scheme
    Immigration consultants or travel agencies offer assistance in securing immigrant visas for applicants, but in reality, these offices are engaging in the recruitment business where they are prohibited.
  • Blind Ads Scheme
    Workers are enticed to apply and send cash or postal money order payment address to a Postal Office Box or through any remittance channels where to meet and communicate personally with the recruiters.
  • Internet Scam
    Applicants are required by bogus websites to immediately remit money for intended visa, airfare, and processing fees.
  • Training Centers
    Trainees are given courses for certain skills under the guise of guaranteed employment upon the completion of the training and promised immediate placement/ employment abroad after the training.