Beware  of  misleading  advertisement  circulated  by  establishments  pretending  to  be  officially  recognized  by  the Philippine Embassy and the Philippine Government for securing documents, providing advise on consular and legal matters, and assistance in the processing of requirements for consular services.

These  establishments  profess  to  procure  documentary  requirements  for  the  following  –  passports,  LCCMs, ROMs/MCs,  ROBs/BCs,  SPAs  and  affidavits,  “red  ribbon”,  annulment  of  marriage,  court  recognition  for  divorce, visiting visa to Japan, among others.

These  establishments  and  their  representatives  found  outside  or  near  embassy  premises  are  not  accredited  or authorized by the Philippine Embassy and Philippine Government agencies such as the DFA, NSO / PSA and NBI.

The public is advised to conduct their transactions directly with the Consular Section of the Philippine Embassy. A number  of  Filipinos  were  already  victimized  by  these  unscrupulous  establishments.  Either  they  were  charged expensive fees for services they did not need, or they did not obtain the service or document they paid for, with some documents being spurious.