About This Website

My Labor Matters (Usaping Trabaho, in Filipino) is a multi-channel communication platform primarily for workers and jobseekers in the Philippines-Japan Migration Corridor.

  • It aims to provide updated and relevant information to workers and jobseekers
  • It’s a venue for workers and jobseekers to share information and narratives about their experiences
  • It offers mechanisms for workers to report grievances and concerns related to their recruitment and/or working conditions

How the Platform Works

  • The platform is jointly-managed by Verite Southeast Asia (VSEA), Center for Migrant Advocacy (CMA)Filipino Migrants Center, and Energetic Green/TALL
  • It is constantly updated with information sourced from POEA, DOLE, the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo, relevant Japan agencies and offices, NGOs and workers’ support groups
  • It provides contact information on our helplines (call and text services) available to workers, through our partner NGOs, Filipino Migrants Center (FMC) in Japan, and CMA in the Philippines.
  • It provides workers and jobseekers various means to report grievances confidentially: by private message, phone call, or text which are received by skilled and experienced labor rights advocates, who speak the workers’ language, and who can help workers seek ways to address their grievances
  • It features narratives and case studies based on workers’ testimonies, verified by Verite and partner organizations
  • It contains links to other organizations and sites
  • It has a social media interface and a blog post that features information and insights useful to workers and jobseekers in the Philippine-Japan corridor