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Tell us about your employer, or the recruitment agency who recruited you, or the government institutions you've been involved with. Tell us how we can help you by following the link below.

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Verité is a US-based NGO with a mission to ensure that people worldwide work under safe, fair, and legal conditions.

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We have a social media interface and an archive of articles that feature information and insights useful to workers and jobseekers in the Philippine-Japan corridor.

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We would like to hear your feedback and experiences about your employer, the…

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If you’re in the Philippines, text “SOS” <space> <sender’s name and message> to +639287952222

If you’re in Japan, call our toll-free hotline at +0120797740

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Share your Recruitment Experience

Thank you for taking time to share with us your comments!

Please feel free to…

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Aimee’s Story: The Cost of a Job in Japan

How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Work?
What You Should Know About Illegal Recruitment

Aimee is part of the 10 million strong overseas Filipino workers who send home $25 billion a year. Although Aimee is hailed as a new hero by the state for boosting the economy, she is part of another statistic. Ten percent of migrant workers like her are placed in jobs through corrupt recruitment agencies who pass on illegal fees and put OFWs at risk of debt and abusive working conditions.

Find out more about illegal recruitment before you apply to work overseas. Get involved by sharing your own story and rating your recruitment agency at My Labor Matters. Help us promote safe migration. Help others make the right choices.

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